About Us

About Us


We are a team of passionate and experienced tea industry professionals committed to raising the standards of tea service out of home. Over the years we have worked with both HORECA and tea brands in facilitating connections, providing inspiration and advice, and building a strong and trusted network of partners.

We are strong supporters of the  sustainable production and consumption of premium quality teas. We’re also big believers in the many health and wellness benefits that tea has to offer. These values guide us in our vision of building a more fair, ethical and diverse approach to tea procurement and service for the hospitality industry. 

The AuthoriTea blends industry knowledge, market insights and creativity to help you develop a tailored tea strategy that will enhance your customers’ experience whilst maximising your revenue. We do this through our advisory, procurement and engagement services.

Our Values

Sublime Quality

We believe in offering consumers true quality and products with heritage and great stories. The world of tea is rich and abundant and it is this we celebrate. The teas we offer have been curated and selected by the most distinguished palettes in the world of tea to ensure that each cup of tea enjoyed through The AuthoriTea is a memorable occasion.


We believe that experience is the key to success. The modern consumer seeks a multi sensory experience that boasts great quality beverages and accompaniments and visual, scent and taste sensations that excite and delight. By advising the hospitality industry on top tips for delivery formats we are creating more appeal for tea amongst experience seeking demographics. 


We believe in shifting perceptions around tea to create a more diverse, transparent and sustainable tea buying culture. We do this finding the best brands around the world that are aligned to being ethical, fair and sustainable and by inspiring HORECA to offer more varieties of ethical teas to be enjoyed out of home.

Meet The Team

Diaz Ayub

Managing Director


Rachel Sabine

Head Of Communications


Yuri Dallagrassa

Operations Manager and Online


Kevin Sinfield

Head of Strategy


Rebecca Sylvester

Regional Manager